🌐 January Giving Update: 3,847 days of early childhood education for children in Ghana 📚

Celebrating the significant strides made in Ghana’s early childhood education, thanks to Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training program which we have supported this month. In a country facing a shortage of quality kindergarten education, these contributions have been pivotal in reshaping classrooms. No longer confined to rigid rows, teachers now implement play-based learning methodologies, proven to […]


5 Key Elements for Your 2024 Talent Strategy 📈

Ready to elevate your leadership approach this year? Now is the perfect time to strategically plan and assemble a powerhouse leadership team to guide you through the challenges and triumphs of 2024. Consider these essential elements for your strategy: 1️⃣ Understand the Talent Landscape 🌐 Develop a comprehensive understanding of the current talent market. Keep […]



We are regularly surprised by prospective clients asking us whether we could “send a few CVs” for strategic leadership roles instead of running a targeted, objective-driven process to attract the best talent. There seems to be a belief that quick-fire, success-based recruitment offers broader market coverage since “more people are fighting to identify talent” for […]


Knowledge is power – why farming beats fishing every time

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine”, said Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research at Gartner, a few years ago. He couldn’t be more right. These days, accessing quality data and analysing it is any company’s most precious resource after its employees. Farming, not […]


Stratum/Gen-XX Launch Video

Stratum International is proud to be the first company to back GenXX’s vision of ending period poverty so all women can have a dignified experience. In a world-first, GenXX has designed revolutionary reusable sanitary products. Please take a minute to watch the video of the event launch, below (has sound). We believe this product and initiative […]


Turning mining recruitment into a truly human endeavour

It was Desmond Tutu who said that we should strive to be the change we would like to see in the world. We couldn’t agree more and believe businesses should be at the forefront of this responsibility. While Stratum has regularly contributed to good causes over the years, we recently decided to formalize a giving […]


African Mining Market Sentiment – 2020 vs 2021

* Below is a full transcript of the original Q&A interview published by 121 Group’s The Assay Magazine, as part of 121 Group’s African Mining Investment virtual conference, 1-3 February 2021. The original article can be found here. How did the mining industry in Africa fare in 2020 as COVID-19 resulted in shutdowns across the […]


Video – Mine Finance: How specialist finance & PE navigate risk & create value in African mining projects. Panel discussion hosted by Jane Banks

Stratum’s Jane Banks hosting the Mine Finance Panel – How Specialist Finance & PE Navigate Risk & Create Value In African Mining Projects – panel discussion at this year’s 121 Africa Mining Investment forum. Panellists: Verne Grinstead (ANRH Appian Capital Advisory) Rob Still (Pangea Exploration/Denham Capital) 


Stratum welcomes Rowan Phendler – Director and Head of London

Rowan has 10 years’ resources industry experience supporting global companies’ senior executives and site-based management teams within the mining, Oil & Gas, and renewable energy market, including six years as Talent Director at a NASDAQ-listed engineering consulting/EPCM firm both in Canada and the United Kingdom. Originally from Montréal, Canada, and fully bilingual in English and […]


Hiring strategies: Making the best people "stick"

2020 has been the year when the ubiquitous phrase ‘our staff are our greatest resource’ became akin to an awakening. The storm of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to blow a stark reminder to businesses that their people are genuinely indispensable. Adjusted workforce needs, ominous risks, and the call for true leadership have been catapulted centre […]


Video – Mine Finance: Due Diligence in Mining Deals. Panel Discussion hosted by Will Coetzer

Stratum’s Will Coetzer hosting the Mine Finance Panel – Due Diligence in Mining Deals – panel discussion at this year’s 121 EMEA Mining Investment forum. Panellists: Shaun Usmar (Triple Flag) Philip Clegg (Orion Mine Finance) David Halkyard (Resource Capital Funds)


To (Panic) Buy or Not to (Panic) Buy: The pressing need for succession planning in mining

The Covid-19 crisis has materially impacted our industry as global supply chains and people movement have in many cases all but ceased. That said, mining is a significant GDP contributor to most of the countries it operates in, and it’s evident that many governments have been taking every measure available to keep mines operational, or […]


Seven mistakes mining companies make when engaging recruiters (and how to avoid them)

There is a famous saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day. For me, no other quote better sums up the general perception of the broader recruiting industry. If you feel you are continually getting a lousy deal from these firms, you might be right.  And you may be unknowingly encouraging it. […]


7 weeks to go! Stratum/Will’s London Marathon update – Leading fundraiser, ParkRun Winner, Crazy Training Schedules, Goat Dodger, Wrapper Upper in Toronto

With just under seven weeks to go, we wanted to share a quick update. First and foremost, we want to thank all of our donors so far – we are building towards something quite remarkable –  We don’t say this lightly, or without merit – with seven weeks to go, Will is second overall for […]


Sub 3-hour London Marathon! Support Will @ Stratum in raising £40,000 for the National Autistic Society

2020 LONDON MARATHON For those who haven’t caught my recent social media updates, I’ll be running the London Marathon in April for The National Autistic Society… so we need your money ?!  My goal is to run the marathon sub-3 hours (4.15 min/km average), and raise £40k (plus Stratum matching up to £5k). WHY? My […]


Betting the Jockey…. and not getting screwed. Stratum’s recent podcast interview with Resource Insider

Not sure if you caught the podcast of our MD Will Coetzer’s sit-down with Jamie Keech from Resource Insider last week? If you don’t know Jamie, he’s a Cambourne School of Mines Master’s degree Mining Engineer-turned-Mining Financier on a mission to help resources industry investors, well, for the lack of a better word, not get […]


We’ve finally relented….

Seven years, four months and nineteen days…  We have a Corporate Brochure! But why only now? During the last seven or so years we’ve taken great pride in “marketing” ourselves through our proactive candidate-management model and delivering successfully across the world (our country-count is above 50!). A big thank you to all our customers for […]


Africa – Still the land of opportunity?

In this collaboration with the 121 Mining Investment Group’s publication, The Assay, Stratum surveys the market and explores the mood around investment, exploration, and hiring on the continent. The research aims to ascertain the current climate and as well as the outlook over the next 12 months. We trust you will enjoy reading this publication, […]


150 COO’s, VP’s and GM’s Assessed (Let this data help you achieve unprecedented retention rates)

“Why do organisations still pay to use executive search firms? Surely they can find anyone they want on LinkedIn.” At first, this feels like a reasonable question, and undoubtedly one that anyone working in our sector faces daily. Sure enough, finding people who can perform a role is pretty simple. Search for ‘COO and Mining’ […]


Interviews with Mining Greats : Ross Beaty

An interview about leadership in mining with Ross Beaty. Part of our Interviews with Mining Greats series. Ross Beaty needs little introduction to anyone involved in mining. Currently the chairman of Pan American Silver and Executive chairman of Alteria Power Corporation, Ross has created 14 successful businesses over four decades, creating more than $4 billion […]


Interviews with Mining Greats: Mark O’Dea

  Interview with Mark O’Dea, part of our Interviews with Mining Greats series. Mark is one of the youngest interviewees in this interview series, but his achievements are just as impressive. He has launched and sold several companies since 2011, including Fronteer Gold and, most recently, True Gold Mining, which was acquired by Endeavour Mining […]


Interviews with Mining Greats: Ian Pearce

  Interview about leadership in mining with Ian Pearce. Part of our interview series with the Mining Greats. With more than three decades of experience working at the most senior levels in mining, few people can rival Ian Pearce’s level of insight and experience. Ian famously worked with Sir Mick Davis at Xstrata plc, helping […]


Interviews with Mining Greats: Rick Rule

  Will Coetzer interviews Rick Rule as part of our Interviews with Mining Greats series. Rick Rule is renowned as someone who works relentlessly in identifying and bringing mining companies to market. Over the years many people, particularly those in the junior space, have told me about times when he backed them when no one […]


Interviews with Mining Greats: Catherine McLeod Seltzer

  Catherine McLeod-Seltzer is interviewed by Will Coetzer as part of our series of conversations with mining greats. I met Catherine McLeod Seltzer in London, during one of her UK transits to far-flung mining sites. With a track record stretching back 20 years, and with no signs of slowing down any time soon, Catherine is […]