We’ve finally relented….

Seven years, four months and nineteen days…  We have a Corporate Brochure! But why only now?

During the last seven or so years we’ve taken great pride in “marketing” ourselves through our proactive candidate-management model and delivering successfully across the world (our country-count is above 50!). A big thank you to all our customers for working with us for so long!

We are also deeply passionate about our Thought Leadership publications, be it our original research, market and salary reports or topical surveys; downloaded tens of thousands of times over the years.

While we believe that successful delivery is the best form of advertising (more than 2/3 of our clients are repeat clients, and many of them we’ve worked with for 5+ years – a big thank you again), as we grow, we recognise that it’s simply impossible to articulate our specialism to everybody around the world.

So what’s prompted us to publish a Corporate Brochure?

On a few occasions recently, we’ve spoken to prospective clients that perceives Stratum as either a pure-play Mining Executive Search firm (i.e. headquarter-based recruitment) and others thought we only operate at Site/in the field (i.e. Mining Operations, Project Development or Exploration).

That made us wonder if anyone else has this perception, because we do both, of course. In fact, 90% of our Search mandates fall within these two areas (the rest being downstream industries).

For this reason, we wanted to design a simple recognisable Organisation Chart to (visually) articulate the role families we specialise in.

Please see the result below.  Let us know your thoughts!

DOWNLOAD NOW: Stratum’s 2019 Corporate Introduction.