Interview: Moving Beyond the Mining Industry's Talent Shortage

Nichole McCulloch, our Managing Director, shared insights on industry reputation communication, corporate governance, addressing talent shortages, and navigating people issues. During a video interview with Mining Review Africa at Investing in African Mining Indaba 2024, Nichole dives deeper into how the industry addresses the key issue of talent pipelining, and what other ‘people’ related risks the industry is facing.

ESG News: Mining sector puts energy into ESG, but lacks focus on gender and diversity

"Demand for greater transparency fuels shift in sustainable approach, finds new survey".

The Assay: The Future of ESG in Mining

"The mining industry has long struggled with the practice of mining sustainably. With the green movement accelerating globally, more pressure is being placed on mining organizations to prioritize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters."

AZoMining: Nearly 1 in 5 mining sector CEOs don’t have a digital strategy, finds new survey

"The mining sector is severely lagging behind on digital transformation and failing to make use of data in the way other industries do."

Mining Magazine: FIFO – Time for a Rethink

“According to a new research report, half of senior mining professionals working fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) shifts believe that the industry needs a major rethink on the design of rosters and the related benefits.”

Mining Journal: Ups and Downs of FIFO

“Stratum International’s survey of nearly 600 industry people across hte globe highlights general axccxeptance of the prevailing fly-in-fly-out culture with its high rewards but often punishing schedules. But it also points to the fact that ‘half of all the people we surveyed believe FIFO systems need a major rethink if they are to be sustainable’.” 

Mining Magazine: Waiting to Explode

“A new report from Stratum International has suggested that the mining industry is facing what it calls a ‘ticking time bomb’, due to its failure to implement strategies to attract and retain younger professionals. The population of mining professionals.”  

World Coal: A Demographic Time Bomb by Will Coetzer

“The mining industry is facing a demographic time bomb, which will affect the sector at all levels. In Canada, for instance, 40% of the mining workforce – at all levels – is aged 50 or over.”

Mining Journal: Mining’s Demographic Time Bomb

“The mining industry faces a “ticking time bomb” because of its failure to take measures to retain or attract younger professionals at a time when the workforce is ageing, according to Stratum, the global recruitment agency.”

Northern Miner: A 10-minute Resume Checklist by Jane Banks

In a recent survey, two thirds of senior mining managers and leaders told us they are either already looking for their next role or would consider a new role if the right one landed on their desk today. This begs the question: if the right opportunity came your way today, would your résumé be up to scratch for submission?

World Coal: Lost Leaders, Lost Potential? by John Larpent

“More than half of the survey respondents told us they would consider leaving their current employer if the right job landed on their desk today, while a further 13% said they were already actively looking for a new role.”

Mining Journal: FQM establishes online university to develop future leaders

“According to a survey by Stratum of more than 900 mining professionals, less than 24% of mining companies have programs in place that recognize the value of leadership development and provide career pathways for leadership roles. FQM is one of the mining companies that are actively pursuing such progressive corporate initiatives.”

The AUSImm Bulletin: Leadership Lessons from the Mining Greats by Will Coetzer

“Many of the leaders I spoke to had family connections with mining, some going back more than one generation, and most confessed to a childhood interest in the great outdoors, leading to the study of geology at university. But it was …

Mining Magazine: Miners Wanted

“For those working on remote sites, work-life balance is a key factor,” confirms Will Coetzer, Managing Partner of Stratum International… Referring to Stratum’s FIFO: A Global Perspective report, Coetzer adds: “97% of our respondents told us…

Mine Finance: Due diligence in mining deals.

Panel discussion hosted by Will Coetzer

Making The Best People Stick

Global Business Reports’ MACIG West Africa Edition | 21 NOVEMBER 2020 – London, UK Note: Stratum’s original article published in Global Business Reports’ MACIG West Africa Edition.

Betting the Jockey…. and not getting screwed.

Stratum’s recent podcast interview with Resource Insider.