Betting the Jockey…. and not getting screwed. Stratum’s recent podcast interview with Resource Insider

Not sure if you caught the podcast of our MD Will Coetzer’s sit-down with Jamie Keech from Resource Insider last week? If you don’t know Jamie, he’s a Cambourne School of Mines Master’s degree Mining Engineer-turned-Mining Financier on a mission to help resources industry investors, well, for the lack of a better word, not get […]


We’ve finally relented….

Seven years, four months and nineteen days…  We have a Corporate Brochure! But why only now? During the last seven or so years we’ve taken great pride in “marketing” ourselves through our proactive candidate-management model and delivering successfully across the world (our country-count is above 50!). A big thank you to all our customers for […]


Africa – Still the land of opportunity?

In this collaboration with the 121 Mining Investment Group’s publication, The Assay, Stratum surveys the market and explores the mood around investment, exploration, and hiring on the continent. The research aims to ascertain the current climate and as well as the outlook over the next 12 months. We trust you will enjoy reading this publication, […]


150 COO’s, VP’s and GM’s Assessed (Let this data help you achieve unprecedented retention rates)

“Why do organisations still pay to use executive search firms? Surely they can find anyone they want on LinkedIn.” At first, this feels like a reasonable question, and undoubtedly one that anyone working in our sector faces daily. Sure enough, finding people who can perform a role is pretty simple. Search for ‘COO and Mining’ […]