July 2022 B1G1 Giving

Monday, 18 July, was Mandela Day. Inspired to take action, we looked to our local communities to make a difference. We donated: R5000 to Marsh Memorial Homes — which provides care to abused or abandoned children. Our donation goes towards rehabilitating and reuniting children with their families or communities of origin.   R5000 to Heaven’s […]


June 2022 B1G1 Giving

Through our partnership with B1G1, for the month of June 2022 we donated: 💦 43,800 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia. Imagine walking 3 hours a day to get water? Polluted water! Our donation to the WellWishes Trust ensures that women in Ethiopia get access to clean drinking water. PLUS, […]


Reimaging Mining Economics with Craig Hutton

In the aftermath of the last supercycle (2000 – 2013), disenchanted investors demanded that the industry rethink its business model and prioritise shareholder value. Value over volume found favour with the investment community over the prioritisation of production volume growth, and the regular payment of dividends was regimented. As miners realigned their balance sheets and […]


May 2022 B1G1 Giving

Here’s a look at our initiatives for May. 👉  Donated $1500 to provide emergency relief support in Ukraine We continue to support the efforts of Direct Relief, a B1G1 partnership. They work closely with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and regional partners to provide vital medical aid to the people of Ukraine. This includes oxygen concentrators and critical […]