The unexpected departure of a board member can be devastating. It can have a catastrophic impact on share price, market perception and the morale of the company. Having a rigorous succession plan in place significantly reduces the turbulence of executive departures. In addition to executive leadership succession planning, a robust plan for your board is essential to ensure continuity and efficiency.

Board Dynamix™ is a bespoke Board assessment product developed by Stratum to help your board perform at the highest level, now and in the future.

High-functioning boards have a variety of competencies and roles that directors play. If your members are over-indexed in one area, it can cause inefficiency and conflict.

Our psychometric assessments give Stratum invaluable insight into your board dynamics. It allows us to review and assess your current directors’ strengths and development areas from a cultural perspective and identify where there might be a particular skill or gap within personality traits.

The Chair’s role has evolved from being a mere figurehead to that of a guardian and ambassador for the organisation. Chairs are now tasked with defining the business’s purpose and culture, bearing significant responsibility for the organisation’s overall well-being. A strong Chair fosters candid and productive interactions with the CEO, promoting talent development. Beyond years of experience, successful Chairs must add significant value around culture, leadership, and accountability.

NEDs are appointed to address specific gaps in board expertise and must offer value beyond their core capabilities. Stratum seeks NED candidates who can actively engage in constructive challenges related to critical business issues such as sustainability, leadership, governance, financial performance, and stakeholder management. Whilst they may not be experts in all areas, they should possess awareness and the ability to ask the right questions. Stratum also considers factors like “overboarding” and market reaction to appointments, ensuring a thoughtful and impactful selection process.

Forward-thinking leaders who can navigate risk and make swift decisions are essential for today’s businesses. Stratum emphasises the importance of proactive adaptation, reliable delivery, impactful engagement, and swift decision-making. CEO succession planning is crucial, and Stratum works closely with you to identify the traits, competencies, and skills required for your organisation’s continued growth and success. We understand that successful CEOs may not fit conventional stereotypes and utilise assessments to identify the best candidates aligned with your vision.

Resilient and agile CFOs can make a significant difference in an increasingly uncertain global economy. Stratum’s Financial Leaders practice assists clients in navigating the evolving CFO role, emphasising the need for technical, strategic, and cultural capabilities. Leadership, digitisation, and automation skills are crucial for the modern financial leader beyond core capabilities, and Stratum knows just where to find them.

Stakeholder engagement with a strategic and commercial approach is paramount in today’s politically dynamic and economically challenging global environment. Stratum understands the nuances of various roles within Corporate Affairs, External Affairs, Stakeholder Engagement, and Government Relations. We not only help you find suitable candidates, but also assist in establishing effective internal structures that support the board and executive team.

Sustainability has become a pivotal issue in today’s business world. Stratum has been at the forefront of sourcing sustainability professionals, advising companies on what defines excellence and where to find the best talent. As the “Social Licence to Operate” ranks high among risks in heavy industries, organisations must lead and drive change on these issues. Stratum assists both executive and non-executive hires, ensuring that these critical issues are driven from the top down.

Strong leadership in ESG and climate is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Talent in this space is in high demand and short supply. Stratum guides conducting searches in this area, often looking beyond traditional industry boundaries. Heavy industries are leading innovation in response to transitioning to a low-carbon economy. Stratum has delivered roles such as Director, ESG, Head of Climate Change Policy, and Advisor to Board, ESG and Climate.


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