July 2022 B1G1 Giving

Monday, 18 July, was Mandela Day. Inspired to take action, we looked to our local communities to make a difference.

We donated:

  • R5000 to Marsh Memorial Homes — which provides care to abused or abandoned children. Our donation goes towards rehabilitating and reuniting children with their families or communities of origin.


  • R5000 to Heaven’s Nest — an emergency foster facility for young children in need. Our donation helps to give children between 6 months and 8 years of age a secure, loving home until they can be reunited with their families, fostered, or adopted.


We also donated:

  • 250 days of youth development programs for children. Over two-thirds of South African children live in very poor homes in the township. Most go to bed hungry. By supporting a Youth Development Program, underprivileged kids get access to:
    –         Academic support
    –         Career Guidance
    –         Saturday schools


  • $1000 in emergency relief support to Ukraine. As always, we continue to work with Direct Relief, Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, and regional partners to provide critical medical aid to those on the frontline.


  • £600 to Chance for Childhood’s partnership with Unicef Rwanda. Stratum donated to Michael and Steve who will be raising critical funds to prevent children experiencing disabilities from being institutionalised. Orphanages are extremely harmful for children and have long lasting impacts on their health and wellbeing and ultimately denies them their right to grow up in a loving, protective family environment. Many families still believe that their children would be better off in an institution, incorrectly associating orphanages as a route out of poverty, a way to get a better education for their children or a way to avoid the stigma of living with a child with disabilities.