🌐 January Giving Update: 3,847 days of early childhood education for children in Ghana 📚

Celebrating the significant strides made in Ghana’s early childhood education, thanks to Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training program which we have supported this month.

In a country facing a shortage of quality kindergarten education, these contributions have been pivotal in reshaping classrooms. No longer confined to rigid rows, teachers now implement play-based learning methodologies, proven to enhance early years’ learning outcomes.

Picture a Ghanaian kindergarten today—vibrant walls adorned with educational visuals, dynamic learning spaces featuring pretend shops, building blocks, and a diverse collection of picture books. The days of disciplinary canes are replaced with an atmosphere of joy, filled with songs, stories, and laughter resonating through the classrooms.

Ongoing support is essential for sustaining this positive change. Join us in making a lasting impact on the educational journey of these young minds. Click the link to contribute to Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training program through B1G1https://lnkd.in/eMFZ8uyc

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