Stratum International’s mining due diligence, advisory and consulting services are built on 25+ years’ industry experience, an active programme of primary research, and the expertise of our global network of international mining executives and leaders.

Mining companies, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Banks and other boutique industry participants rely on our knowledge and access, meaning our clients get an unparalleled insight into people, as well as present and future market trends to support strategic decision-making and due diligence.

Our core networks include Boards, Executives, Investors, Mining Private Equity Firms, Mining Funds, Family Offices and Consultants/EPCM’s, etc. This, in addition to the thousands of executive, management and site-based technical leadership and project development professionals we’ve interviewed, and with whom we keep in touch with, provides unparalleled access and data.

Our firm also owns and runs the largest vetted LinkedIn group of mining professionals with more than 35,000 members.

Stratum is also a co-founder of the ResourceIQ dinner mentoring initiative; invitation-only dinners (around 20 people), that have been hosted over the last few years in London, Toronto, Vancouver, and Cape Town (during Indaba).  Industry luminaries that have attended include Ross Beaty, Ian Pearce, and Catherine McLeod-Seltzer, to name a few.

We can help you with:

Investment Due Diligence (Assess leadership teams, organisational capacity planning/assessment), post-deal team assessments, succession planning | Entering new geographies or markets | Competitor analysis | Executive business introductions | Selecting partners and suppliers | Owner’s team Feasibility Study/FS EPCM talent-related consulting/capacity planning | Business expansion | Recruitment and selection | Benchmarking assessments of your team | Organisation design and development | Team composition and structure| Talent management | Employment trends | Salary data.