TalentAssay™ solves two challenges mining companies face when hiring. Firstly, cultural fit. Our research indicates that up to 80% of candidates are hired based on their skills, career experience and CV alone.

However, a staggering 80% of people leave their roles because of behavioural issues such as cultural fit, management, internal dynamics. Secondly, logistics: aligning geographically dispersed stakeholders in real-time, as each shortlisted candidate’s details are accessible, globally at any time, offering substantial insight into candidates before they are invited for an interview.

Simply put, TalentAssay™ is how Stratum prefers to present a Search shortlist; it’s our delivery and assessment tool developed and evolved on the back of our 80/20 model, having managed hundreds of mining executive search and recruitment projects in more than 50 countries, including more than 4,000 interviews and 200 consultation conversations/client briefings.

In its creation, we also drew on our own research conducted with some of the world’s top mine operators, executives and project leaders.

Since launching TalentAssay™ in 2016, our clients have experienced material improvement in hiring outcomes, including 93% retention rates in Year 1, and 93% in Year 2. The hiring process itself also saves significant time, costs and commercial downtime.


Executive summary written by a Stratum Consultant

Candidate video introduction

Written or video responses to your questions

Key role-specific competency questionnaire results

Behavioural assessment matched scientifically to stakeholder expectations

Competency benchmarks

Candidate references

Full candidate CV

Profile photo


We continue to support stakeholders when an appointment is made.

We agree measurable objectives before we commence our search, so we can facilitate quarterly interviews of new hires and stakeholders to help significantly enhance the outcome.

Our rigorous assessments, referencing and post- placement feedback helps reduce hiring risk, and ensure a successful outcome.

Aside from our mandated executive search mandate delivery, we continue to support clients through access to industry intelligence and original research. Through our real-time market data, our customers benefit from unrivalled market insight and analysis.