Our long-term vision is driven by the knowledge that everyone on this planet is dependant on a mined resource in some way, whether they know it or not. Mining materially contributes to the now and future of everyone’s world.

Stratum’s purpose is to ensure that the best people
carry this responsibility.

Our daily business goal is simple: to change the traditional, reactive recruitment model. We proactively identify, and work with, the top 20% of leaders and future leaders in the industry.

Through ongoing investment in research and IP, we strive to lead an evolution away from traditional recruitment approach towards a predictable and measurable data-driven model, delivered on the latest technological platform, to help clients generate substantial ROI, reduce commercial downtime, and save time and money. We strive to provide the professionals we represent as candidates with unrivalled insight into their skills and behavioural profiles, to provide data and advice on their professional development.

In the age of information, finding a name is easy. Finding the right name, the right fit, is the challenge. That’s where ROI is generated.

That’s our focus.

Work with us and help contribute to the realisation of this vision that betters not only the mining industry, but the world.

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