Ian Pearce
Former CEO Xstrata Nickel
Chairman Nevsun and New Gold

I met Will several years ago, and his contrarian view on the traditional recruiting models caught my attention; particularly his curiosity about how different people perform differently in organisations. This was of particular interest to me as I credit cultural fit as a key contributor to the success we achieved at Xstrata.

Over the years (and several mandates later) I have enjoyed seeing Will develop into a leading Consultant in his domain.

Will’s knowledge of the mining space and strategic thinking was evident during the last two executive search mandates Stratum delivered during my tenure as Chair at Nevsun and New Gold. He was not afraid to challenge and influence executives, to think differently about the type of profile they might require, particularly around why the recommended individuals would fit and flourish in an organisation.

A good example of this was when Will proactively positioned an up-and-coming project executive into another organisation to influence and have an impact on a $5bn project. Despite the organisation’s initial reticence, Will’s influence (and his idea in the first place), resulted in a successful hire. Several years on, this hire not only turned out to be a resounding success, undoubtedly exerting his influence, but is now being primed to become the VP Projects of this multibillion-dollar successful organisation. I am particularly proud of this individual as I mentored him earlier on in his career and saw the same potential.

So far, each mandated assignment Stratum (Will) delivered has been a success, with individuals contributing materially to the success of the organisations they have joined. On top of this, post-hire, Will continues to regularly hold discussions with his placed executives and stakeholders, which I have no doubt contributes to the successful outcomes experienced.

I’d say that the above summarizes what I want from an Executive Search Partner.