Christian Milau
Equinox Gold

“I was first introduced to Jane Banks, and subsequently Stratum, in 2011 when I was CFO at Endeavour Mining. At the time, Jane got to know Endeavour after successfully completing mandates for the MD of a company we acquired. One of her placements was Attie Roux, who later became Endeavour Mining’s COO. During this time, we were in a rapid growth phase, and several key hires were made via Stratum, including a VP Operations, two General Managers, a Process Plant Manager and a Mine Manager. We relied on Jane’s knowledge of the region, as well as Stratum’s market and salary data provided to our HR team.When I was appointed CEO of TrueGold, we engaged Stratum to fill a site management role at Karma.

Currently, as the CEO of Equinox Gold, we once again retained Stratum to recruit two leadership hires in Brazil, a General Manager and Project Manager.

Overall, we have been pleased with Stratum’s assistance.”