Mid-Tier Base Metals Miner

I’ve worked with Stratum in the recruitment process for a C-suite position in a leading company of the mining industry in Europe. From the presentation of the opportunity to the scheduling of interviews, ultimately arriving at the final selection of candidates and actually receiving a job proposal, Stratum supported me at the highest level. All steps were well structured, and in-depth information about the company was shared ahead of time. Interviews occurred as planned, and any doubts I had were properly answered. Stratum also provided me with advice in preparation for the final interviews, always respecting the confidentiality standards existing in its relationship with the company. In the final part of the process Stratum contacted professional references of mine for background check and the feedback I received from my contacts was the best possible, in the way they were approached and also on how well structured they perceived the process to be. In all, I was very satisfied with Stratum for the overall top quality of service provided in the recruitment of a highly strategic C-suite position. Highly recommend their services!