Research amongst 900+ senior mining professionals revealed that while 82% said succession plans are an important element of future planning, only 28% of mining organisations have them in place.

It’s not surprising that some organisations find themselves compromising on the quality of the talent they accept.

There is no reason for it to be like this.

Stratum International focuses its efforts on building long term relationships with the top 20% of operational, project and corporate leaders throughout their careers. We know when they are likely to be looking for their next role and what kind of challenge will motivate them. We have interviewed thousands of mining leaders and have scientifically assessed many hundreds of these leaders.

Reap the benefit of this knowledge.

When you’re thinking about succession for your business-critical roles we use behavioural assessments to understand the potential candidates available within your organisation, and our long-term relationships with those outside, to give you unrivalled insight into your options.

From there we help you develop a strategy to manage and nurture this talent pool in the long term.

Contact us now, and we can help build a more strategic approach that will instantly elevate your company’s competitive advantage to the top quartile of the market.