We believe that the traditional recruitment model is fundamentally flawed – it’s reactive, often taking months to find suitable candidates for business-critical roles while adding little value along the way.

We responded in 2012 by creating a different model.

Our proactive mining talent management methodology is a daily process, which we undertake regardless of active assignments, and irrespective of whether a candidate is active or passive in the market.

Only by consistently interviewing the top talent in the mining industry, and keeping in touch throughout their careers, are we able to develop knowledge-based mutually beneficial relationships.

That said, we go so much further to ensure a fit.

That’s why we permanently invest in scientific and technology-driven tools to augment our own assessment. See our TalentAssay™  and Ongoing IP Investment pages for more information.

Put simply, we know the people you need before you know you need them.


Daily identification of top tier mining professionals irrespective of market demands.

Qualifying individuals’ skills and achievements through consistent, comprehensive interviews.

Delivering interview feedback, résumé consultations and agreeing a personal action plan.

Verifying a candidate’s skills and track record with references from industry peers. Coding professionals according to their capabilities, competences and career goals.


Receiving the client brief and categorise the cultural and technical requirements of a role. Consult with client on behavioural and cultural fit required.

Aligning a shortlist of qualified candidates to match client needs. Assess (scientifically) and match behavioural profiling to client requirements.

Facilitating client-candidate introductions.

Arranging interviews, oversee selection and assist with the on-boarding process.

Following-up with ongoing support for clients.


We continue to support stakeholders when an appointment is made.

We agree measurable objectives before we commence our search, so we can facilitate quarterly interviews of new hires and stakeholders to help significantly enhance the outcome.

Our rigorous assessments, referencing and post- placement feedback helps reduce hiring risk, and ensure a successful outcome.

Aside from our mandated executive search mandate delivery, we continue to support clients through access to industry intelligence and original research. Through our market data, our customers benefit from unrivalled market insight and analysis.