Stratum represents the top tier of professionals in the industry, irrespective of whether they are active or passive in the market.

It’s a daily process. Think of it as farming, not fishing.

Over the years we have interviewed, and continue to keep in touch with, thousands of professionals and sources in:

Board and Executive Leadership (CEO, COO, VP’s, Technical Executives)
Mining Operations (GM, GM-1, large-site superintendents)
Mining Project Development (Owner and EPCM)
Private Equity/Trading (mining related)
Exploration Leadership (VPX and Exploration Management)

Each of our candidates has demonstrated they can operate to the highest professional standards with an uncompromising commitment to safety and a verifiable track record of contributing positively to shareholder value.

That’s why registration with Stratum International is by invitation only.

Elitist? Maybe.

By ensuring we only work with the top tier mining professionals we can provide a level of service to customers that more thinly spread generalist firms cannot rival.

What this means in practice is we develop a long-term relationship, supporting you throughout your career – whether or not you are actively seeking new opportunities.

You’ll get access to our IP, tools and guidance, together with research, comment and exclusive market and salary data.

For our clients, this means that …

“We know the people they need before they know they need them”.