Interviews with Mining Greats: David Netherway

  David Netherway is interviewed as part of Will Coetzer’s ongoing series of conversations with mining leaders. I have the pleasure of knowing David Netherway well and was pleased when he agreed to an interview. Now into his fourth decade in the industry, and with a raft of Chairmanships and NED roles to his name, […]


Positive developments for women in mining

According to the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines group (2014), only 5-10 percent of people working in mining are women. This falls to seven percent at director level. But recent initiatives across the world are trying to improve on these disappointing figures. The recent Canadian Mining Expo, which took place between 30 May and 1 […]


Risk and Reward. When David Takes on Goliath

I’ve just returned from my first Spanish holiday for quite some time. But rather than sensibly laying on a beach and topping up my tan, I’ve been indulging one of my passions. High-speed motorcycle track riding. Yes – that’s me in the photo above! The Circuito de Almeria in southern Spain is 4,000 meters long, […]


Mining Recovery Gains Traction as Recruitment Picks Up

After many false dawns and disappointments, the increase in mining activity – including investment, exploration, projects, operations and recruitment – we noted in our last Mining Job Market Report has continued and accelerated in late 2016 and early 2017. This increase in activity has coincided with large numbers of baby boomers leaving the sector, creating […]