Stratum International matches the best mining talent to your business-critical leadership roles at HQ, operational sites, development projects or exploration targets globally.

We cultivate long term relationships with the top 20% executive/corporate, operational, project and exploration leaders. We understand where they are in their careers, what motivates them, and what kind of challenge they’re looking for next.

In fact, we have interviewed more than 5,000 professionals in mining leadership roles, so we rarely need to ‘search’ for talent in a way other recruiter might have to; in all likelihood, we already know many highly qualified prospects for your role because of our specialised focus/proactive model.

We believe the primary question should be “how do we ensure someone will fit our organisation?”, rather than “where do we find the right skill set?”.

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We use TalentAssay, our award-winning, scientific recruitment model and technology platform to drive the recruitment process and assess cultural fit. Backed by an industry-leading guarantee, our unique methodology helps clients generate substantial ROI, reduces commercial downtime, and saves time and money.

For Candidates  – please visit the Our Candidates page for more information on the types of professionals Stratum represents.


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