Most assessments only consider what people say they can do and what their resume says they have done. In short, they are subjective.

In addition to our process, we incorporate one of the world’s leading behavioural assessments to understand what people will do and how they will behave in role. We even ensure, scientifically, that the new hire’s behavioural profile the expectations of key stakeholders they will engage with daily.

This is essential when you recognise that 80% of professionals who leave roles do so for behavioural reasons, such as an inability to fit in with the culture or friction with their manager or co-workers. Yet, surprisingly only 20% of recruitment/on-boarding processes incorporate behavioural profiling.

Add to that the six or seven figure costs associated with a senior level hire gone wrong and achieving fit becomes imperative.

We incorporate behavioural assessments as a crucial part of our TalentAssay™ process. So confident are we in its effectiveness we guarantee TalentAssay™ clients retention rates of 96% in year one and 93% in year two.

Benefit from our collective 30+ years’ experience in mining recruitment and executive search, and let us help by providing assessments to complement your processes for recruitment, succession planning and leadership development (independent to a mandated Search).